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 Rhinoplasty Surgery Treatment, Rhinoplasty Surgery in Lahore , Pakistan

 The surgical procedure in which the nose shape is changed is known as rhinoplasty. The primary cause of this particular treatment may be the change or alteration in the nose’s physical appearance or improving various nose breathing issues. Also, these significant reasons become the motivation to go for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Lahore Pakistan, in a few cases. The human nose primarily consists of two major portions. The lower portion is cartilage, while the upper part is bone. With rhinoplasty surgery treatment, skin, cartilage, nose, or even sometimes all these three can be changed to some extent. But for that, the individual must have to consult a reliable plastic or cosmetic surgeon beforehand about the rhinoplasty results for you as they vary from one person to the other or whether this cosmetic treatment will suit you or not.

Reasons to go for rhinoplasty surgery.

Nowadays, rhinoplasty surgery  is becoming popular each coming day for several significant reasons; a few of them primarily include the following:

  1. Reshaping the nose tip.
  2. A change in the entire nose shape.
  3. A slight change in nose angle.
  4. To repair my nose bone from an injury.
  5. To resolve many breathing problems.
  6. For straightening the nose bridge.
  7. To narrow down the nostrils.
  8. For congenital disability.
  9. Changing the size of the nose.
  10. Let you breathe properly, and many more. 

Or lastly, when people are not happy and satisfied with the physical appearance of their nose, comparing themselves to previously set beauty standards.

Therefore, if you want to have rhinoplasty surgery merely for your cosmetic desires of changing your nose’s shape rather than treating any health issue, then you must wait until your nasal bone gets fully grown. However, girls over 15 years should go for it, and boys a bit older than girls. Somehow this surgery can also be conducted for younger individuals suffering from any nose health issues. So therefore you can take rhinoplasty surgery in Lahore Pakistan

Rhinoplasty Surgery Treatment Procedure

This particular surgical treatment procedure can be easily done in any trustworthy clinic, such as the top-rated Cosmetique clinic or any hospital specializing in surgeries with an outpatient surgical facility. The surgeons can use either local or general anesthesia according to the condition and demands of the patient.

The typical rhinoplasty surgery treatment starts after general or local anesthesia. After that, the best and the most professional cosmetic surgeons in Lahore, Pakistan, make small cuts inside or between the nostrils. They smoothly detach the nose skin from its bone and cartilage and then reshape the nose.

If you require a small amount of cartilage during this surgery, your doctor may remove this cartilage either from inside the ear or nose. On the other hand, if a large amount of cartilage is required for the surgery, your concerned surgeon may implant a complete bone graft. Generally, a bone graft is any additional bone that a surgeon can add to your previous naturally existing nose bone wherever required.

About Cosmetique Clinic

Our clinic, Cosmetique clinic, is a famous beauty and healthcare center in Lahore, Pakistan, with many specialist doctors, dermatologists, and surgeons for treating various skin and health issues of patients worldwide. The plastic or cosmetic surgeons serving in the Cosmetique clinic are experts in their respective fields and offer different surgeries on lips, eyes, nose, cheeks, and many more. These help our patients achieve the most natural, practical, and aesthetic solutions to their various health and cosmetic problems according to their desires.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons at the Cosmetique Clinic

Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan is one of the best and most highly trained professionals in rhinoplasty surgery in Lahore Pakistan. He is a fully qualified expert in nose, throat, and eye surgery who has completed an entire year of fellowship training and practice in facial plastic surgery. In addition to having a special focus on cosmetic rhinoplasty, he also has the expertise to solve nasal obstruction problems.

Till now, Dr. Azim Jahangir has performed a wide variety of nose realignment surgeries and helped out a large number of patients to achieve the characteristic facial features they have ever desired. Whether you opt for nose reshaping for cosmetic reasons or medical problems like blocked nostrils, Dr. Azim of Cosmetique clinic is the most reliable rhinoplasty surgeon who can significantly help you achieve your desired nose goals.

Other Cosmetique Clinic Doctors

  1. Dr.Sheraz Raza
  2. Dr. Amnah Raj
  3. Asma Sana Azim

What to Expect? And Why Choose Cosmetique Clinic for Rhinoplasty?

Taking rhinoplasty surgery in Lahore, Pakistan, from a reliable place like Cosmetique clinic is crucial because the nose is one of the most vital parts of the body. Without it, we cannot breathe. Even a slight risk of taking rhinoplasty from an inexperienced doctor can put you at significant risk and loss. So, be very careful.

At Cosmetique clinic, one of our expert rhinoplasty surgeons first thoroughly examines the patient’s health and fitness and then discusses their personal goals and intentions for rhinoplasty surgery treatment. Some specialist surgeons can address breathing issues and cosmetic concerns related to nose reshaping simultaneously, so taking such a sensitive treatment from an expert is essential for everyone.

Moreover, before and during the initial consultation with the doctor, our staff first takes photographs and medical history to review your age, skin type, ethnic background, and many other factors that help determine whether this cosmetic procedure is good for you. Furthermore, our professional surgeons also explain and inform us how they will sculpt the cartilage or nasal bone to reshape the patient’s nose.null  So the Rhinoplasty Surgery in Lahore is the best place for you to get the best services for this surgery.