Broad Nose

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Broad Nose Treatment: Many people feel as though they have a broad nose. A broad nose is where the width of the nose does not suit the rest of the face. Having a broad nose can make you feel as though people are always looking at your nose instead of the rest of your face.

What causes a broad nose

There are 2 main causes of a broad nose. Either your nose has slowly become broader over time or alternatively you can have a broad nose because you have broken it.

How can a broad nose be treated?

There are many options for the treatment of broad nose. The type of treatment depends on which part of the nose you feel is broad, the upper half, lower half or both.

If you feel that your nose is broad in the upper half then you can have the nasal bones fractured in to reduce the width of the nose.

If you feel that you have a broad nose in the upper half that is also very flat then the nasal bones can be fractured to reduce the width and at the same time the definition of the nose improved with grafting to decrease the flatness.

If you feel that the lower part of your nose is broad then you can have a tip defining procedure to make the tip of your nose narrower and better defined.

If you feel that your whole nose is broad then you can have the upper half of your nose narrowed and the definition of the lower half of your nose improved.

Dr Azim J Khan has had advanced fellowship training in rhinoplasty. He understands that the treatment of a broad nose is different for everyone and tailors the operation to suit the individual. Dr Azim J Khan has had significant experience in fixing broad noses.