Broken Nose

Broken Nose Surgery in Lahore | Karachi | Islamabad | Rhinoplasty

Broken Nose Surgery: Having a broken nose can change both the appearance and the function of your nose significantly.  Prior to breaking your nose you may not have really noticed your nose and may have been able to breath through your nose well. After breaking your nose you may feel that your nose is more prominent and you can’t breath through either one or both sides.

Aesthetic changes

The change in appearance that a broken nose creates can be both varied and significant. Bends in the nose may now be present which weren’t previously apparent. Your nose may look flat or alternatively have an unsightly hump on it. Twists in the tip of the nose may also present themselves.

Functional changes

The breathing through the nose can be affected significantly because the septum [cartilage in the middle of the nose separating the left and right nostrils] is now bent and the nasal valve [area on the side wall of the nose just above the nostril] might now collapse when you are breathing or when you are asleep.

Fixing a broken nose

The best method of fixing a broken nose is a functional rhinoplasty. The cosmetic changes of the broken nose can also be addressed at the same time. The procedure varies significantly for each patient but in general involves:

  • Combination osteotomies [nasal bone fractures]
  • Septoplasty [straighten septum]
  • Cartilage harvest for grafting
  • Bilateral turbinoplasty [reducing scrolls of tissue inside the nose which can contribute to your blocked nose]
  • Structural support grafts to upper half of the nose
  • Structural support grafts to tip of nose
  • Redefining of the tip of the nose
  • Structural support grafts to side walls of nose