Blocked Nose

Blocked Nose Treatment in Lahore | Karachi | Islamabad | Rhinoplasty

Blocked Nose Treatment: Having a blocked nose is very common. A blocked nose causes you to have problems with breathing through your nose either all the time or only at night. It is also common that a blocked nose changes from side to side. You may also notice that your nostril collapses on one side and may find yourself stretching that side of your cheek against the pillow at night to improve your breathing.

What causes a blocked nose?

There are many causes of a blocked nose including:

  • The way your nose has grown
  • Age [Age causes drooping of the nose which causes a blocked nose]
  • Previously breaking your nose
  • Previous nasal surgery
  • Sinusitis
  • Nasal polyps
  • Previous skin cancer excision
  • Allergy [Allergic rhinitis]

Blocked noses can also be much worse if you have to wear a CPAP mask.

What can be done about a blocked nose

Almost all of the causes of a blocked nose can be treated or improved. To determine what the cause of your blocked nose is you will need to be seen by Dr Azim J Khan. He may recommend a rhinoplasty for treatment of a blocked nose.

The procedure is different for everyone but in general involved the following steps:

  • Septoplasty [Straighten cartilage in middle of nose]
  • Cartilage harvest for grafting
  • Turbinoplasty [reducing scrolls of tissue inside nose]
  • Structural cartilage grafting to nose to support septum
  • Structural tip cartilage grafting to fix drooping nose
  • Structural cartilage grafting to side walls of nose

Dr Azim J Khan does see many patients who have had multiple previous procedures for treating their blocked nose with no success. All of the patients that he has operated on for treatment of a blocked nose, regardless of previous surgery, have had a significant improvement in the breathing through their nose.